3 Fathoms

Since 1970 and after 47 years as your Scuba Dive Professionals 3 Fathoms Scuba has now closed its doors.  Ian Sutherland who has been at the helm for 37 of those years has entered into a well-deserved retirement.  However, your diving experience does not end there.  3 Fathoms Dive Masters Frank and Linda have now re-located to Underworld Scuba and will continue with instruction and care of any equipment purchased at 3 Fathoms.  They also bring with them their expertise in dive travel and will be organizing dive trips around the world.  Please click the link below to see all that Underworld Scuba has to offer.

Winnipeg has been fortunate to have a very diverse and enthusiastic dive community and that is saying something for a land locked Province in Canada.  One of the things and one of the people that has made this sport appealing is 3 Fathoms Scuba and Ian Sutherland. Started in 1970 by 3 guys from CP Rail, 3 Fathoms started simply enough but soon became a prominent feature on Henderson Hwy and in 1980 with the addition of Ian, it became colorful as well.  While you may not have remembered Ian by name you could always ask for the guy with the funny accent.


So here we are 47 years later with Ian at the helm for 37 years.  Literally thousands of divers have been certified through 3 Fathoms and more than likely Ian was your Instructor.  There have been 100’s of trips to Westhawk Lake and 124 dive trips, which have spanned the globe from the Sea of Cortez to the Caribbean and to the South Pacific.

So who is Ian Sutherland??  Well he is a romantic.  He came to Canada following the love of his life, Liz.  He is an artist, videography specifically.  You might even have hired him to video your wedding and who doesn’t remember watching his cable show on Shaw TV and listening to Ian describe the wonders of the underwater world.  He is charitable,  Ian and the divers at 3 Fathoms organized 2 ‘Dive for the Cure’ events, which raised $90,000 for CancerCare Manitoba.  He is a gardener and if you have the time he will regale you with facts about cross-pollination and composting.  Besides Liz he loves Sean Connery and James Bond.  And yes he is a proud Scotsman – haggis, kilt and all.


Last of all and most importantly for us as divers; Ian is a teacher, coach and mentor.  Many of us in the diving community would not be in the water or traveling the world if were not for him and 3 Fathoms.


So here we are, after almost a half century 3 Fathoms is no more and Ian is embarking on a well-deserved retirement.  What is in store??  In the very near future there will be a wine tour to B.C. with his wife Liz.  From there who knows, Mexican cooking perhaps – because after 20+ dive trips to Mexico Ian still can’t tell a taco from a burrito. Whatever is in store, you know Liz will be at his side and they will be enjoying many sunsets together and a very well deserved retirement.